The Sixth International Symposium on Runes and Runic Inscriptions
11-16 August 2005, University of Lancaster

Languages and Scripts in Contact

Draft Programme

Thursday 11th August

3.00-8.00       Arrival, registration
6.00-8.00       Bar
8.00       Dinner

Friday 12th August

8.50     Welcome
9.00     David Parsons (Nottingham), ‘Language and script in “western Northumbria”, c.600–1200’
9.45     Terje Spurkland (Oslo), ‘The older futhark and Roman script literacy’
10.30     Karin Fjellhammer Seim (Trondheim), ‘Some evidence of runic and Roman script in contact in post-Viking Age Norway’
11.15     Break
11.30      Rikke Steenholt Olesen (Copenhagen), ‘Runic amulets from medieval Denmark’
12.15     John Hines (Cardiff), ‘The signing author: the significance of Cynewulf’s signature’
1.00     Lunch
2.15–5.00     Parallel sessions
2.15     Elmer Antonsen (Illinois), ‘What can archaeology teach us about the age of runic writing?’
2.45     Bernard Mees (Melbourne), ‘From fuð to futhark: languages and scripts in contact’
3.15     Svante Fischer (Uppsala), ‘Runic literacy and imperialism’ [provisional title]
3.45     Break
4.00     [Ian Kirby – to be confirmed]
4.30     [Peter Pieper – to be confirmed]
2.15     Anne-Sofie Gräslund (Uppsala), ‘Similar but different. The rune-stones in and around Sigtuna as a reflection of urban-rural relations’
2.45     Linn Lager (Uppsala), ‘From rune-stones to churches: a transformation of Christian practice’
3.15     Laila Kitzler Åhfeldt (Uppsala), ‘Cutting technique as a clue to quality and provenience: Sigtuna and the countryside’
3.45     Break
4.00     Nancy Wicker (Mississippi), ‘Degrees of visibility: public and private functions of visible and concealed runic inscriptions’
4.30     Harald Krøvel (Trondheim), ‘Norwegian runestones from the tenth and eleventh centuries: a social and political analysis’
6.00     Dinner
7.30     Public lecture: Professor James Graham-Campbell (London), ‘Cultures in contact: the Irish Sea region during the Viking Age’
8.30     Reception

Saturday 13th August

9.00     Henrik Williams (Uppsala), ‘Read what’s there: interpreting rune-stone inscriptions’
10.15–1.00     Parallel sessions
10.15     Michael Lerche Nielsen (Copenhagen), ‘“He landed on the island of the Goths”. Haunted by phantom inscriptions’
10.45     Lisbeth Imer (Copenhagen), ‘Archaeological investigations and a new runic inscription’
11.15     Break
11.30     Per Stille (Växjö), ‘The rune-carvers of the late Viking Age commemorative stone monuments in Scandinavia’
12.00     Magnus Källström (Stockholm), ‘Some blasphemous thoughts on the rune-carver Öpir’
12.30     Kristel Zilmer (Tartu), ‘Deictic references in runic inscriptions on voyage rune-stones’
10.15      Richard Perkins (London), ‘Runic Swedish Særkland and Arabic šarq, “(the) Orient”’
10.45      Michael Schulte (Kristiansand), ‘Wackernagels Gesetz, Klise und V2-Stellung in den Übergangsinschriften´
11.15     Break
11.30      Alan Griffiths (Amsterdam), ‘Sigel: a very precious jewel’
12.00     Inmaculada Senra Silva (Cadiz), ‘The names of the u-rune’
12.30     Gaby Waxenberger (Eichstätt), ‘Parallels and differences in the OE runic and the OE early manuscript traditions’
1.00     Lunch
Half-day excursion to the southern Lake District, including inscriptions at Urswick and Pennington. Dinner en route.

Sunday 14th August

9.45–11.15     Parallel sessions
9.45     Jonas Nordby (Oslo), ‘Lønruner: what are they and what should we call them?’
10.15      Alessia Bauer (Munich), ‘Die späten Runica Manuscripta aus Island. Was versteht sich unter Málrúnir’
10.45      Jan Ragnar Hagland (Trondheim), ‘Two scripts in an evolving urban environment: the case of medieval Nidaros revisited’
9.45     Thorhallur Eythorsson (Reykjavik), ‘“Ozeannordisch”: a linguistic analysis’
10.15      Hans Frede Nielsen (Odense), ‘Gothic and non-Gothic runic inscriptions’
10.45      Robert Nedoma (Vienna), ‘Die Inschrift auf dem Bügelfibelpaar von Bezenye’
11.15     Break
11.30     Jan Owe (Bro), Samnordisk runtextdatabas: tips and tricks
12.15     Judith Jesch and Ian Richardson (Nottingham), An English Dictionary of Runic Inscriptions in the Younger Futhark
12.45     Christiane Zimmermann (Kiel), ‘“Processing and editing runes”: a presentation of the Kiel rune project’
1.15     Lunch
2.30     Marie Stoklund (Copenhagen), ‘Thoughts on the development and present state of runology’
3.15     James Knirk (Oslo), ‘The Runic Unicode Project’
4.15     Break
4.45     Michael Barnes (London), ‘Runes and editors: the changing face of corpus editions'
7.00     Conference Dinner

Monday 15th August

Full-day excursion to visit the Ruthwell Cross, with stops including Bewcastle and Bridekirk

Tuesday 16th August

Delegates disperse


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